[The Chemistry is Good- Useful Information from the World of Molecules]

Do you belong to the ninety percent who had chemistry in school and hated it?

If so, this is the book for you. Andreas Korn-Müller understands our chemistry fears and grants us entertaining access to the amazing applications of chemistry in everyday life through unusual images and with the help of impressive experiments: Why don’t humans get moldy like a piece of bread? How can you make washing powder glow? Why don’t stones burn? How does the immune system work? And what’s with the condom cactus? Nowhere else will you be told that antibodies are comparable to mittens and that electrons act as Foreign Ministers. By the end of the book, you’ll wish you never gave up Chemistry.

  • Basics for all Chemistry Dropouts
  • Chemistry lab-man  – our bodies
  • Chemical Delicatessen – dining and cuisine
  • When Molecules Dance – freetime and Party
  • Burnt Molecules – the fascination of fire
  • Explosive Molecules – explosions, detonations, fireworks
  • Chemistry in the Past – historical inventions
  • With glossary and everyday riddles

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Da stimmt die Chemie – Wissenswertes aus dem Reich der Moleküle
[The Chemistry is Good- Useful Information from the World of Molecules]

Andreas Korn-Müller
256 pages. 12.5 x 19 cm. rororo Paperback, € 8.99
ISBN 978-3-499-62816-0