The Crazy Chemistry Lab

[Das verrückte Chemie-Labor]

Experiments for Kids

This is where curious young scientists are convinced that chemistry is fun-  with oodles of tested and proven experiments that are super easy and highly recommended! Each experiment comes with  clear, step-by-step instructions and explanations of the chemical processes at work.

In each of the four laboratories –  the alchemist laboratory, the laboratory of giant molecules, the rocket lab and the magic lab – there are loads of ideas and great experiments: invisible inks, candles that out themselves as if by magic, magical starch paste, matchstick rockets, glowworm tricks, magic rubber glove flower and much, much more. And if an experiment doesn’t work right away? No worries – after all, many researchers have made ​​their most important discoveries by accident! Just as Magic Andy, aka Andreas Korn-Müller, found out during the writing of this book that heavy duty detergent is ideal for the production of green fluorescent powder!




The Alchemists laboratory: including super-fast crystal growing, secret inks, disgusting black worms from powdered sugar and baking powder.

The Rocket Lab: including matchstick rockets, rocket car, and water rocket.

Lab of the Giant Molecule: includes magical starch paste and glue out of milk

The Magic Lab: includes lightning-fast liquid color transformations, homemade glow sticks, how to pour out a candle flame, magical rubber glove flower, luminous washing powder


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The Crazy Chemistry Lab
experiments for kids

Andreas Korn-Müller, Alexander Steffensmeier (Illustrator)
Ages 8 and up
48 pages. 20.5 x 27.5 cm. Bound. € 15.90
ISBN 978-3-7941-9145-1


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