signed books

Funkenregen, Stinkbombe, Zuckerblitz  (sparkling rain, stink bombs, sugar bolts), 1st edition 2010

FISCHER Sauerlaender publishers

latest news of Magic Andy’s crazy chemistry lab
Andreas Korn-Müller, Alexander Steffensmeier
48 pages
price: 16,90 € + delivery charge: 1,45 €

immediately available! in german, in dutch

Das verrueckte Chemie-Labor (The Crazy Chemistry Lab),  6th edition 2010,
FISCHER Sauerlaender publishers

Science book of the year 2004: 2nd prize

Andreas Korn-Müller, Alexander Steffensmeier 
48 pages
price: 15,90 € + delivery charge 1,45 €

immediately available! in german, italian and thai available


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