A Chemist's Comedy

This show takes a modern way that of science theater and comedy in order to address non scientists. "Magic Andy" performs the fascinating magic of chemistry especially for young people and pupils. Smoke, explosions, color changing and "glow-worm" reactions are combined with moving lights, music and entertainment.

The Crazy Chemistry Lab

Chemist Dr. Andreas Korn-Mueller alias "Magic Andy"shows his best tricks! There are a lot of experiments in alchemist’s lab, rocket lab, giant molecules lab and magic lab. "Magic Andy" presents a lot of exciting experiments using common chemicals.

Magic of Flames & Art of Fire

Why is fire hot? Why do stones not burn? What is a flame? Dr. Korn-Müller performs three main subjects. To get fire: with physical and chemical methods. To explain fire: with burning experiments and oxygen. To extinguish fire: with self-made foam, magic gas and tea sieve. Korn-Müller‘s fire show offers a wide range of spectacular and interesting experiments including clear explanations. Caution! It will be loud and hot!

HIV Biochemistry Show

Knowledge about Aids virus HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) has decreased the past years. This performance would like to inform pupils, students and laymen. With easy and clear daily models and some spectacular experiments this performance will explain the human immune system, the structure and life cycle of HIV and current antiviral HIV therapy.

Chemical Wild West

Dr. Andreas Korn-Müller presents spectacular chemical and physical experiments as humorous and breathtaking wild west theater combining with comedy, entertainment, pantomime and light-, stage- and pyrotechnical effects.

High Energy

Magical and mysterious science performance of "Magic Andy" who demonstrates the different kinds of energy: physical energy (pressure, resonance/vibration), biochemical energy (bioluminescence), electron energy/current energy, repulsion energy (red grid rocket) and chemical energy (explosion + fireworks). With music & light effects.

Magic Andy’s Fizzy Shop

“Magic Andy” likes nonsense and loves chemistry. Creating experiments all the time, he continues to prove that chemistry is anything but boring. In four laboratories – the fragrance, fire, magic, and kitchen labs ...

Magic Andy’s light show

In the show of science entertainer Dr. Andreas Korn-Müller, aka “Magic Andy”, stockings glow and microwaved iron burns. Colourless liquids transform into rainbow colors and green pigment suddenly lights up blood red.