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program including following highlights among other things: explosion of five iron balls filled with water caused by freezing with liquid nitrogen in wooden barrels, resonance bell of 1m diameter made of bronze and filled with water: if you rub the two grips the water begins to bubble, plasma welding using a 100 Ampere device causing large sparks (I will cut a 1cm iron plate „like butter“), blue bioluminescence effect/cold light: 50 – 200 liter aquarium with clear liquid will turn into blue luminescence like glow worms, repulsion energy: a red grid rocket flies like a red fire ball above spectator’s heads followed by a loud siren big bang explosion (you feel the pressure wave) combined with stage fireworks. Also as OPEN AIR performance available! duration: 45/60 min lights, effects and sound: Oli Neumaier, Hanau, Germany. audience: everyone, scientists, students, pupils, families, children > 5 years.