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Program including following highlights among other things: human immune system (macrophages, antibodies and killer cells) structure and life cycle of HIV four possibllities for antiviral HIV therapy HIV antibody test on stage: huge, lighted HIV model (1,40 m of diameter, containing a copy device, glue and a huge pair of scissors), confetti bomb = viruses, 5 comic-like models of different viruses and cells with flags and mouse-traps, chocolate box = HIV, vacuum cleaner-macrophage model, gloves = antibodies, 1 table for experiments (“ice cream” enzyme-blood-foam, chemoluminescence reaction in an aquarium), high security clothes.
Possible closing act (depending on the age of the spectators (> 14 years)): the correct application of condoms. Some teenager and young spectators might come on stage (volunteers) to talk about the use of condoms. Every volunteer gets a banana and a condom in order to cover the banana with the condom. Korn-Mueller discusses in a humorous manner the four most frequent failures of application. One can talk frankly about condoms. There are different condoms on the table, useless condoms, too, e.g. without CE certification.
Duration: 45/60/90 min
Audience: everyone, scientists, students, pupils