Magic Andy’s light show – Dazzling & colorful

Laser light effects

In the show of science entertainer Dr. Andreas Korn-Müller, aka “Magic Andy”,  stockings glow and microwaved iron burns. Colourless liquids transform into rainbow colors and green pigment suddenly lights up blood red.  With impressive experiments, the physical and chemical properties of light are exposed: Why do energy saving lamps use less energy? Why are fluorescent lamps always white? Can you build a real lightsaber? And what does miniature golf have to do with LEDs? Washing powder lights up like a fireflies, lightning flashes across glass balls and black light brings out the colors. Nowhere else will you find an explanation why laser beams can be compared with jump-ropes and wavelengths represented by colorful wooden rulers. You’ll learn the difference between phosphorescence and fluorescence – and look on in amazement as bright green writing appears from a beam of light and shadow photographs are made. And of course no Magic Andy show would be complete without plenty of flames, flashes and fog!