Dr.rer. nat. Andreas Korn-Müller has been a freelance chemist, entertainer and author in the field of “Science Communication” since 1997.

With his spectacular science shows the multi-award winning “Magic Andy” has toured Germany and half the world, with more than 45 performances in Bangkok (2010) and Abu Dhabi (2011, 2013). Along with his 8-show repertoire,  Dr. Korn-Müller also develops creative new experiments and individual shows on request for corporate and open-house events, science festivals, as well as for television, and designs exhibitions for Museums and Galleries (E.g. Deutsches Museum and Deutches Hygiene Museum). In addition to his successful live-shows, Dr. Korn-Müller is an accomplished author of nonfiction: “Das verrückte Chemie-Labor” [The Crazy Chemistry Lab], 8. Edition 2014 dt.+ital.+thail. (FISCHER Sauerländer), “Funkenregen, Stinkbombe, Zuckerblitz” [Shower of Sparks, Stink Bombs, and Sugar Lightning], 1. Edition 2010 dt.+holl. (FISCHER Sauerländer), “Da stimmt die Chemie” [The Chemistry is Good], 1. Edition 2012 dt. (rororo Taschenbuch, Rowohlt). More about Dr. rer. nat. Andreas Korn-Müller

Magic-Andy’s “Science shows”

If it pops, fizzles, foams, evaporates, whistles and rumbles you know chemistry virtuoso Dr. Andreas Korn-Müller, aka “Magic Andy”,  is at work. The master of acids and salts stuns, entertains and perplexes with his chemical magic and material transformations. His Science Comedy releases Chemistry from its dry and humorless state, mixing it with charm and wit. In short: the Chemists of old looked to conjure gold, Dr. Korn-Müller creates laughter and knowledge. Magic Andy offers a wide range of different shows on the chemical, biological and physical phenomena and experiments.  Common to all, laughter and awe!

Requests for individual shows are also honored, and as such there are always special shows such as:

  • Bang, Bang, Bang, Fizz – molecules in action
  • Singing Bowls Show
  • The Sparkling Stay-Healthy Show
  • Dr. Korn-Müller’s Water Show

more about the shows